Daily Mushroom Ritual

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Our daily trio of mushroom blends are formulated to optimize your health morning, day, and night. Sharpen your mornings with Clear Mind, sustain your midday energy with Energy Balance, and take the edge off with Immune Shield.*

Organic | Vegan | Gluten Free | Non GMO

+ Support healthy immunity*

+ Balance energy levels and endurance*

+ Promote cognitive function and memory recall*

+ Prevent oxidative stress and slow aging*

+ Support healthy gut microbiome*

All of our mushrooms are sustainably grown from spore to sale on our family farms in California. We partner with the highest quality farmers from around the world to source herbs and adaptogens that meet our high quality standards. We rigorously test all products in house and using third party labs for purity and quality.  

Each mushroom blend has been clinically formulated to be most effective at 3 capsules per day. Doses may be scaled down as preferred. We recommend:

Mornings: Clear Mind

Midday: Energy Balance

Evenings: Immune Shield

Healthy Habits, Delivered

We're here to make your wellness goals as simple as possible.

✔ California grown and packaged

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✔ 100% organic mushrooms

✔ 30-day money back guarantee