Frequently Asked Questions


Are functional mushrooms safe to take everyday?

Yes! Medicinal mushrooms have been used for thousands of years and contain the most beneficial compounds to nourish, heal, and elevate the body.  Just like your daily fruits and vegetable intake, we recommend taking medicinal mushrooms as part of your regular diet to support immunity, energy, brain power, detoxification, anti-aging, and overall wellness.  Supplementing with functional mushrooms has a compounding effect so best results are seen with consistent and long term use. 

Will these products get me high?

Not at all.  While we do believe psychedelic mushrooms have profound medicinal properties, the mushrooms we are currently selling contain no  psychoactive properties.

When is the best time to take mushrooms?

Any time of the day works! We like to get our performance mushrooms like Lion's Mane and Cordyceps in early in the day to feel charged up and ready to go.  Chaga also helps us feel great in the morning but can be taken anytime to nourish and elevate your body's immune system.  We like Reishi best in the evening since it has a soothing effect and can also promote healthy sleep quality.


Are your products gluten free?

Absolutely.  All of our raw material inputs are 100% gluten free and we triple check with in-house and third party labs to ensure all products are free from gluten before bottling.


Are your products organic?

Yes.  Our mushrooms are grown using only organic certified raw materials and we use zero pesticides, fungicides, or other chemicals.  We are in the process of having our farm organic certified as well.  


Where are your mushrooms grown?

Our mushrooms are grown on our family farms in Monterey County, California.  We believe in quality over everything, so we make sure that the mushrooms are grown in the cleanest environments possible. 


What part of the mushroom do you use for your products?

Our products contain a mixture of mushroom fruit bodies, mycelium, spores, and extra-cellular metabolites. We culture our mycelium on different organic grains including oats and milo and blend it with the fresh fruit bodies we harvest. 

Our chaga powder is the only product that is pure mycelium since we prefer not to wild harvest these sacred mushrooms. Our end powder has been tested to contain active compounds and beta-glucan levels as high as wild crafted chaga mushrooms and are much more environmentally sustainable =).


I’ve heard mushroom fruits are better for you than mycelium.  Is this true?

The belief that fruit bodies are the only beneficial component of mushrooms is an outdated theory that the scientific community is disproving.

Mushroom fruits provide numerous health boosting and immunomodulatory benefits.  However, so do the mycelium, spores, extra-cellular metabolites that the mushroom mycelium secretes during colonization.

Mycelium is the immune system of the organism and is a complex root-like network that colonizes under the soil.  Studies show that there are many beneficial compounds found in mushroom mycelium that are not found in the fruits and vice versa.

For example, Erinacines are chemicals found in Lion’s Mane mushrooms that support brain health and fight degenerative diseases like dementia and Alzheimer's.  Erinacines are found in high concentrations in the mycelium of Lion's Mane but not in the fruit bodies themselves[1].

On the other hand, there are chemicals found in the mushroom fruits that are not found in high concentrations in the mycelium.  We take a holistic approach to mushroom nutrition and include all compounds that are found in the different life stages of the organism for optimal health benefits.

All of our products are developed and rigorously tested in house and at third party labs to ensure we are maximizing the active compounds from the different components of each mushrooms.

So long story short, there is not one life-cycle stage that is better than the other.  They all work synergistically together and ideally, should all be included in an ideal end product.


Can I find your products in stores?

Soon!  At the moment, we are focusing on building our online presence but will be in stores near you in no time