"The seemingly magical process of transforming something ordinary into something extraordinary.

The pursuit of a universal elixir."

‎Alchemi is a cultivator of premium functional mushrooms on the mission to transform mental and physical health with the power of fungi. We were founded on organic farms in California with the goal of connecting people to nature's medicine. As true mushroom farmers and nutritionists, we strive to create products that elevate optimal health while giving our customers full transparency into their daily rituals. We believe it isn't just important to know what we are eating, but how it's grown, what materials are used, where its packaged, and everything in between so we can feel connected to the foods that drive our healthy lifestyles. Every mushroom picked is grown from spore to sale on our organic family farms.

Our Founder

I grew up in a family of mushroom farmers, but my passion for mycology only began when there was a need for personal healing. After a difficult and "chronic" autoimmune diagnosis, I looked toward every avenue of medicine to help me get back on my feet. When traditional medicine failed me, I navigated toward holistic remedies where I was introduced to the world of medicinal mushrooms.

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Learning first hand of the power of medicinal mushrooms was something I knew I had to share with others and being a part of a family of farmers was a blessing I couldn't overlook. I spent the next several years utilizing all of the experience and knowledge of mushroom farming that had been perfected over generations to research, develop, and grow the highest quality medicinal mushroom supplements locally in California. Our driving moto behind every quality decision we make is: "if it's not good enough to give to our families, we won't sell it."

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I believe mushrooms have always been the natural medicine of our planet and with Alchemi, I have the opportunity to share them with everyone.

Our commitment

Our planet is at the core of every decision we make. Our medicinal mushroom powders are grown on solar powered and water efficient farms. We use a cultivation method unique to mushroom farming that allows us to reduce our water usage by over 80% compared to conventional farming.

Every finished product is made with 0 plastic and 100% compostable and recyclable packaging. We're always pushing the boundaries for new ways to lower our carbon footprint.