Top 5 Benefits of Cordyceps Mushrooms

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Cordyceps mushrooms might be the most interesting living organisms on the planet.
In the wild, they propagate by growing on the larvae of living insects, turning them into "zombies", and sprouting out of their bodies.
So, for all the bugs reading this, definitely don’t go near cordyceps. But if you are a human, you’ve just found one of nature’s most powerful health boosting superfoods.  
Cordyceps mushrooms are growing wildly in popularity due to the improved research around their natural health benefits, which includes everything from increased stamina and energy to anti-tumor properties.
Here is a list of some of our favorite benefits that you may see from eating cordyceps mushrooms.

1. Energy, Endurance, Stamina

Cordyceps mushrooms are wildly known for their performance boosting qualities. Many are hailing Cordyceps as a nature’s pre-workout supplement.

An interesting study tested the effects of a mushroom blend containing cordyceps militaris on 28 individuals and found that after only 3 weeks of supplementing with the mushrooms, the individual’s maximum oxygen consumption and workout time to exhaustion significantly increased [1].

Another human trial using cordyceps sinensis shows the mushrooms ability to promote energy generation and fight fatigue during exercise [2].

2. Fight Inflammation

Inflammation in the body is the leading cause of disease.

Research finds that cordyceps mushrooms contain a specific protein that mitigates excess inflammation in the body, which leads researchers to believe it may serve as a useful supplement to fight inflammation [3].

Cordyceps have not only been found in performance supplements but also in topical products for its ability to reduce inflammation [4]. 


3. Anti-Aging

Cordyceps is one of the most valued edible, medical entomopathogenic fungi and is commonly used as a tonic for promoting vitality and longevity.

Several studies have shown that supplementation with Cordyceps mushrooms has the potential to extend the lives of animals in clinical trials [5],[6].    

Cordyceps extracts were also found to boost brain function and antioxidant activity as well as promote sexual function in rats, which all tend to diminish as a part of the natural aging process [7].


4. Immunity

Recent studies have shown the effectiveness of Cordyceps militaris in its ability to promote anti-inflammatory responses, improve insulin secretion, and contains anti-tumor properties [8].

The mycelium of Cordyceps militaris has been shown to contain immune boosting, anti-tumor, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, hypoglycemic, anti-aging, neuroprotective, and renoprotective effects [9]. 


5. Potential For Fighting Cancer?

This is perhaps the most exciting research that is being conducted with the cordyceps mushrooms.

One study shows the potential for Cordyceps’ ability to inhibit the spread of cells in carcinoma [10].

A key chemical in cordyceps called cordycepin has been shown to significantly inhibit the proliferation of breast cancer cells [11].  


What to look for in a cordyceps supplement?

Studies show that there are many beneficial active compounds in both the mycelium and fruit bodies of cordyceps mushrooms and that the wide array of compounds compliment each other for optimal benefits.

For that reason, we recommend looking for a product that uses the full-spectrum of cordyceps and includes both mycelium and fruit bodies.  

Most importantly, always remember to source locally! Mushrooms are incredible bio-accumulators and will soak up anything in their growing environment.  That's why we always recommend US grown cordyceps that follow the USDA and FDAs strict guidelines for premium quality cordyceps.

Alchemi Mushrooms' California grown cordyceps mushrooms are sustainably cultivated and packed with fruit bodies and mycelium.  Check out our energy balance for more!



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