Does Lion's Mane Make You Smarter?

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Lion's mane mushrooms have become America's #1 medicinal mushroom supplements and maybe our first "smart" mushroom.

These white puffballs are not only tasty, but contain many beneficial compounds that boost cognitive function and overall nerve health.

So can these mushrooms actually make you smarter?

Here are a few of our favorite clinical studies that show the mushroom's incredible brain-boosting potential.


Lion's mane promotes neurite outgrowth

Nuerons are specialized cells in the brain that transmit information around the body. 

Leading studies showed that brain cells from people with a higher IQ had larger neurons that transported information more quickly.

Lion's mane mushrooms have been shown in numerous studies to promote the growth and protection of neurons in the brain, which could lead to faster brain processing and information transport [1].


Lion's mane supports memory

In one of the more famous clinical studies with lion's mane, mice were injected with neurotoxic peptides to model the effects of Alzheimer's disease.

The memory impaired mice lost the ability to navigate around a maze.  However, after the mice were fed a diet of lion's mane mushrooms for 3 weeks, they performed significantly better in the maze test and returned to optimal cognitive levels [2].

The regeneration of memory in mice fed with lion's mane is a remarkable success that may prove the mushroom's use to prevent dementia related illnesses. 


Lion's mane supports healthy mood

Lion's mane's influence on the brain may also extend to other benefits beyond cognitive related performance. Studies suggest it may also help you feel good.

In a small Japanese study with a randomized sample of 30 women, supplementing with lion's mane showed the mushroom's ability to significantly reduce depression and anxiety.

It is clear from initial studies that lion's mane deserves more clinical attention.

If lion's mane has shown success at preventing amyloid plaque formation in the brain, can it prevent the onset of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's?

Could this mushroom be the future of antidepressant medication?  Or could it possibly be nature's way of enhancing our brain capacity?


What to look for in a supplement

Lion's mane contains two essential compounds that work synergistically to support healthy brain function. 

These compounds are hericenones, which are found in the fruiting bodies, and erinacines, which are found exclusively in the mycelium. 

In order to benefit optimally from lion's mane, make sure to look for a supplement that includes both the mycelium and fruiting bodies in a full-spectrum mix.  

Alchemi Mushroom's lion's mane is a premium, full-spectrum blend grown in California for optimal potency and bioavailability.

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