Feeling Sluggish? 10 Ways To Naturally Boost Your Energy Levels

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Are you drinking excess amounts of coffee and still feeling like you could fall asleep at your desk? You’re certainly not alone. The National Sleep Foundation’s 2020 Sleep in America poll found that Americans feel exceptionally sleepy on average 3 days out of their week. Unfortunately, many say that their tiredness affects their activities, mental accuracy, mood, productivity, and more. 

The pandemic has had a major impact on our energy levels as a collective group. Pandemic fatigue has become a commonplace term for the exhaustion that many are feeling as a result of excessive stress, physical distancing, adjusting to “new normal” routines, and other side effects of COVID-19. 

It’s clear that most of us need a boost. While caffeine and other routine ways capable of giving us the zap of energy we crave are failing us, many are turning to more natural and holistic ways to keep them awake and alert throughout the week. Below are 9 ways you can boost your energy and stay focused throughout the week without resorting to old habits.


Take An Everyday Mushroom Supplement

On top of your average one-a-day vitamins, taking daily capsules filled with functional mushrooms can be a great way to naturally increase your energy and provide your body with nutrients. The cordyceps mushroom is known to support sustained energy, stamina, and adrenal function, which is why Alchemi Mushrooms made it the main ingredient in its Clear Mind daily capsule.

Get the same long-lasting energy-stabilizing effects of your favorite caffeinated drink but without the jitters. Take 2-3 capsules in the morning with water and feel the power of fungi.


Alchemi Mushrooms Capsules


Drink Lots of Water

You’ve probably heard this your whole life, but that’s because it's true. Drinking water is incredibly important. Dehydration is one of the leading causes of fatigue, which can make you sleepy. Try buying a nice water bottle or keeping cold water in the fridge. Little reminders to drink water can help you avoid dehydration throughout the day.


Exercise A Little Everyday

Research suggests that adding physical activity to your routine can help fight fatigue and increase your energy levels. This doesn’t mean you have to join a gym (although that's great too!). Simply walking to work instead of driving or going on a quick jog in the morning can help your body release endorphins and help you live a more energized life. 


Eat Whole Foods

Switching up your diet can be an easy and effective way to stop feeling tired and sluggish. Although taking vitamin supplements can help your body stay healthy, the best way to get the vitamins and minerals your body needs is by eating whole foods.

It is also equally important that you feed yourself enough throughout the day to maintain the energy levels you desire. The food we put into us turns into energy for our minds and bodies, so eat accordingly.


Add Adaptogenic Powder To Your Morning Routine

Adaptogenic powder is a blend of mushrooms, herbs, and minerals that may help your body deal with stress, brain fog, and more. Adding an adaptogenic powder to your tea, smoothie, or coffee can help you maintain energy, brainpower, and longevity.

Alchemi Mushroom’s Shroom Boost Powder blends reishi, lion’s mane, chaga, turkey tail, and cordyceps mushrooms with plant adaptogens, cacao, coconut milk, and cinnamon to create a delicious and effective powder that will help you feel ready to tackle your day. 


Watch Your Sleep

Both too much sleep and too little sleep can result in feeling tired all day long. If your sleep schedule is out of whack, you probably don’t feel your best. To ensure you get a good night’s rest, don’t drink caffeine too late, get off your phone or computer early if possible, don’t take naps, and go to sleep as soon as you start to feel tired. Getting the best sleep every night will help you avoid fatigue throughout the week.


Spend Time In The Sun When Possible

Sitting in the sun helps our bodies release the chemical serotonin, which helps us stay calm, positive, and focused. If it is possible where you live, try taking a walk in the sun or sitting in the sun on your lunch break. Even a half-hour of vitamin D exposure may help you feel more energized and lively for the rest of the day.


Consider Quitting Smoking

I know this can be a hard ask for many, but smoking may be one of the reasons why you feel so out of it and sluggish. Most of us know the harmful effects that smoking has on the body, but many are unaware that the toxins and tars found in cigarettes can reduce the amount of oxygen transported throughout the body which can cause you to feel tired. Many quitters report increased energy levels once they’ve let go of smoking


Connect With Your Friends

Social connection is incredibly important to mental health, which is why the pandemic has negatively affected so many people. Social isolation can cause us to be moody and tired, so it is important to socialize with friends, join a club, or find an interesting new hobby that allows you to meet new people when safe and possible. 


Avoid Added Sugar

It’s natural to want to reach for a sweet drink or sour candy when you feel tired. Although you may feel a quick boost from the sugar, the results are short-lived and can also result in feeling more tired than before. 

If your sweet tooth is acting up, consider reaching for more natural sources of sugar, such as fruit or trail mix. These snacks can actually help you feel more energized rather than less.

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