10 Ways Microdosing Mushrooms May Effect You

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Okay, let’s be real. Most of us have tried taking a “small” amount of mushrooms somewhere in our teens or early 20s and ended up on a full-blown, hours-long psychedelic trip. Although there’s a lot to learn from those wild times, many of us are wondering how more controlled use of psilocybin may affect our day to day.

Microdosing is the act of regularly taking very small doses of psychedelic drugs over periods of weeks or months to reap positive effects without ever falling into a psychedelic trip. This can be as little as 1/20th of a recreational dose of psychedelics. Microdosing should allow you to continue with your normal everyday life, with little to no obvious drug effects.

Microdosing has become a huge trend in both drug culture and mental health treatment. For many people who don’t feel comfortable or haven’t had success with pharmaceuticals and western medicine, microdosing may seem like a godsend. Whether you’re thinking about trying to microdose mushrooms or just curious about the affected, this article will tackle some of the most reported negative and positive side effects.


1. You may feel a sense of overall peace and well-being.

If you’ve ever tripped on shrooms, you probably know the feeling of being “one” with the world and the things around you. This overwhelming sense of comfort and acceptance of your surroundings can be incredibly joyous. 

Studies have shown that psilocybin can actually increase our empathy and well-being, even after a single dose. Therefore, if you’re taking a small amount weekly, you may be able to feel that same sense of overall peace and well-being on a smaller scale but more often. 


2. Your senses may be heightened.

One of the coolest effects of psychedelic mushrooms is how incredible colors, sounds, and tastes can be while riding out your high. Psilocybin can alter the functional connectivity of the claustrum, our brain’s sheet of neuronal cell bodies that helps us process sensory information, which can improve our ability to process and experience our senses. 


3. You may feel more creative and productive.

Creativity and productivity often go hand in hand. They are both essential cognitive abilities that are linked to the success of our everyday functioning. There is much evidence to suggest that taking mushrooms can improve creative insights and can, in turn, allow us to be more productive in our daily lives. 


4. If done regularly, you may see an improvement in your mental health.

In recent years, psilocybin, and other psychedelic drugs for that matter, have been groundbreaking in the medical world, specifically in the mental health sector. Studies are being done regularly and often showing that psilocybin can aid in the treatment of depression, anxiety disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder, addiction disorders, and PTSD


5. It could cause an increase in neuroticism.

Psychedelics always have a substantial effect on our perceptions, cognitions, and emotions. Unfortunately for some, the effects of psilocybin mushrooms can be negative. There is evidence to suggest that for some, taking mushrooms once or often can increase neuroticism. Every person is different, therefore every experience will vary. 


6. You might be able to handle stress better.

Psilocybin shares some chemical components with serotonin, or the chemical messenger that plays a large part in our mood regulation. If a person’s serotonin levels are low or out of balance it can lead to excessive stress. Because mushrooms are able to affect our serotoninergic system, they may be able to help regulate our serotonin level. 


7. They could make your stomach hurt.

One of the most common negative physical side effects of taking magic mushrooms is nausea. Many studies on psilocybin list upset stomach and vomiting and one of the common unwanted effects of ingesting shrooms. Mushrooms have beta-glucan in their cells walls. Our stomachs such stomach acid to break down this substance, which is typically what causes this upset reaction. 


8. You may feel more connected to the people and world around you.

There are studies that show that hallucinogens can improve our social cognition. Social cognition can be described as the mental processes through which we perceive, understand, think about, and act towards the people around us. Because psilocybin can induce emotional openness and alter our state of consciousness, it may help us to better understand the people and the world around us.  


9. Your headaches might disappear.

If you struggle with migraines or cluster headaches, you know how absolutely life-altering they can be. When you feel one coming on, you know your entire day has shifted. Recent studies have shown that psilocybin and other psychoactive substances, may be a great last resort option if modern medicine has failed you. 


10. You may be more focused.

As mentioned before, microdosing can help with anxiety. Many people who microdose magic mushrooms have reported that due to a decrease in overall anxiety and stress, they have been able to avoid unwanted thoughts and distractions that plagued them in the past. 

While psychedelic mushrooms are still largely illegal in the USA, there are other nonpsychoactive mushrooms that can improve your cognitive function, mood, and well-being. At Alchemi Mushrooms we have created a number of daily mushroom capsules to transform mental and physical health. Try our products today!

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